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2 day intensives

When was the last time you spent a whole 2 days just on you?

This is a rare chance to take a deep dive into what’s going on for you. To take the time to unwind, settle and explore your situation from a calm space without distractions. An opportunity to really look at what is holding you back and where you want to be.


In between the coaching sessions you can have time and space to reflect on what’s coming up. The days can be tailored to your unique needs with the option of healing, grounding, journaling, walking along the stream, sitting by the pond or maybe chilling in a hammock.


It is your time. No schedule

This is very different to a coaching package where you are back in your life in between sessions. This is an opportunity to really swich off and focus on you…

Day 1 10 am – 5pm

Day 2 10 am - 5pm

lunch 1-2pm)

Cost £300 including accommodation.

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