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Hi I am Amy Rogers, I've been practicing Reflexology, Reiki and Massage for the past 17 years and I am now also trained as a transformative coach which has literally blown my mind and transformed my life. I have a background in counselling, NLP, TFT and mindfulness but I have come to learn that although these things are very useful, there is a far easier approach which does not just tackle one issue at a time but can transform our entire life. I am very passionate about sharing this, I have been a 'seeker' for most of my life (exhausting!) and I feel like I have finally found the missing link. It has bought everything together for me and has had a massive impact on my life. I can't wait to share this with you! I have been studying the subject of happiness for a few years and have also trained as a happiness coach and happinness facilitator. I am passionate about spreading this understanding as much as possible! 

My belief in the idea of holistic happiness led me to create my company 'Feel Good Friends' back in 2007 which is a small range of fun, educational products to teach children about emotional awareness and help them to feel good about themselves and their world. You can find out more here 

I also run a campsite/ retreat here at Higher Melbury called Hideaway Camping. We offer camping and a mix of alternative glamping experiences. The campsite is nestled within 24 acres of beautiful fields and woodland, with hammocks, picnic areas and streams which you are welcome to enjoy before or after your treatment.

I love to combine the different therapies and understandings that I have as it can add another dimension to the experience. For example combining the coaching with some mindfulness or forest bathing if you prefer to be out in nature rather than in doors. A back massage can be great followed by reiki , for that extra relaxation or pure indulgence!

Check out my different packages to see what would best suit you. 

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